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Power of One uses core values, the power of the mind and positive belief systems as inspiration to pursue life with passion. With no room for excuses, author Dev Gupta, Commercial Realtor and a recipient of Costar’s Power Broker of the Year award, offers straight-talk advice based upon lessons learned from the road to success in his own life. His dedication to his career and craft carries over into how he lives his life: with passion, honesty, humility and attention to detail. Dev works hard, plays hard and finds time to motivate people to live a meaningful life by reminding them to return to their core values. Power of One is his first book and it demonstrates how positivity and persistent passion wins.

Dev Gupta

A word from the Author

I wrote this book because I feel that the moral fiber and compass of our present and future generations is broken. They are searching to find answers through sources that provide immediate gratification. Core intrinsic values like hard work, perseverance, humility are slowly but surely dying. I wanted to write something, that I am hoping can change one person’s life for the better. I am hopeful that this touches someone to strive and reach for the stars but they do that in a meaningful manner.


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